German Design Award 2020 – Award-winning product design by industrialpartners

In 2019, the ground-source heat pump “EcoTouch Ai1 Compact” from Waterkotte, designed by Industrialpartners, already won the German Design Award. In 2020, Waterkotte can also look forward to the German Design Award for the newly developed air source heat pump “EcoTouch Ai1 Air Bloc” in the category “Excellent Product Design – Energy”.

Heat pumps are the more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional gas or oil heating systems and have become increasingly important in recent years. The low emission values and heating costs, as well as the longevity and rapid amortization, are motivating more and more people to switch to alternative energies.

But these heat pumps have had one problem so far. They were loud and not very attractive. industrialpartners changed this and convinced with the product development of the new air source heat pump “EcoTouch Ai1 Air Bloc” with a clear and modern design. Furthermore, the housing dimensions of the heat pump could be optimized so that the product fits seamlessly into any living ambience.

Efficiency in its most beautiful form

Quiet operation of outdoor units plays a major role in new construction areas. In the development of this product, the greatest priority was therefore given to reducing noise emissions while maintaining high performance.

Accordingly, a weather-resistant housing with special sound insulation was chosen for the outdoor unit. This made it possible to significantly reduce noise emissions in the new design. The “EcoTouch Ai1 Air Bloc” air source heat pump is thus the quietest in its performance class.

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